Hello all in this guide i will explain alot of how you can make real life money easy using runescape bots.
All you need is a Runescape bot, which can be found here.

The whole idea of this massivly botting is called Mass Botting.
I mean so many people use bots to gain money, i mean have you ever checked out varrock east bank where all the level 3 are walking to obtain pure ess?
This is how people can get the money to buy party hats, pk with ags and loads of other stuff.
It really has been a great way experiencing with mass botting, i gained 10M each day i mass botted.
In this guide i will explain you further details on how i succeed with this.

It simply involves creating a lot of RuneScape accounts, botting them for high levels and selling them via different sources. Due to a recent Jagex update, you will now need an e-mail address for each and every one of your accounts. Credits go to Jagex for making your life more complicated, because now for every account you will have to create a corresponding e-mail address. Never lose track of the e-mail address and password; I personally recommend creating a text file and storing the mails, account names and passwords, kind of like this:

E-mail: exam...@example.com , Password: password
RS Name: examplePker921 , Password: examplePassword
Recovery Questions: this, that and a bag of potato chips...

Repeat account 1 again.


  • RuneScape Account(s) - the more, the merrier.
  • RuneScape Bot Scripts - get them here on powerbot.org, naturally.
  • A PC - which you can leave switched on for many hours at end.
  • A PayPal Account - for receiving payments.
  • Patience - maybe the most important element to this method.

From this point i would advice you to get around 6 accounts, you will need a reasonable pc to keep all the 6 bots running smoothly
Ive ur computer cant run 6 accounts at once thats no problem with 2 - 3 you can make an easy 5-6M a day aswell.

STEP 1. Make your pick.

Log into your account(s) and decide what kind of character they are going to be. The following are the 3 most common type of characters on RuneScape that you can sell for maximum profit:

- Pure: Concentrate on one combat skill, such as strength, ranged or magic and train it to 90+
- Skiller: Keep your combat as low as possible (Possibly at 3), but train all other non-combat skills to 90+ and try to earn as much Gold as possible.
- Pure Skillers: A combination of the above.

Keep in mind that Pure Skillers will sell higher than any other, and that the more levels you gain and the more GP you earn, the more real life money you will be getting.

STEP 2. Bot, Bot and bot more!

This, unfortunately, is the long and boring part.

All you have to do now is bot your characters skills and get massive amounts of Gold in the process.

I recommend making each and every one of them do the Stronghold of Security before getting started, because you get a nice 20.000gp as starting cash, along with two 5.000xp Lamps, so you can easily give your characters a boost in their skill(s).

While Botting, you should try to make them run for as much as possible to maximize time efficiency, but you must always keep in mind that you should never exaggerate or you will find yourself suicide botting and getting each and every one of your character banned. If this happens, you will be flagged by Jagex who will keep a close eye on the accounts which log into your IP address (including your main accounts).

The important thing to remember, which I keep on talking about, is that the longer you bot your characters for, the more money you will be getting at the end of it all, so do not give up hope. It's totally worth it.

If you are not able to leave your PC running for long periods of time, then I strongly advise that you make use of the various VPS that you can find throughout the internet. VPS, or Virtual Private Servers, are simply Online Computers which may run your bots while your own PC is safely switched off. The downside of VPS is the fact that they are very expensive, with the decent ones costing around 15 dollars/euro each month. On the other hand, it is not much considering the amount of money you will be making at the end of it all, so consider it simply as an investment. While using VPS, that friend that I mentioned above may come in handy, because you can split the costs.

When Mass Botting, always bot on F2P worlds, because there everybody bots and breaks the rules, so it is extremely likely that nobody will report you and you will not get banned.

STEP 3. Claim ur cash!

Now this is the fun part.

Assuming that you have made it this far, it means that you have just spent entire weeks botting multiple accounts, and you are finally ready to cash in and make loads of real money!

Now there are 2 ways you can sell your accounts.

The first way involves going to websites such as gold4rs and usfine and try to sell them there. I don't really recommend this, because it could take weeks for them to pay you, and they don't really pay you much. They usually sell the accounts for around 250% more than the price you sold it to them for.

The second way is to go on respectable Forums such as powerbot or sythe and selling them there. If you have many accounts to sell, you might consider setting up an actual business where, along with making a lot of money, you can actually earn a respectable name and reputation among online Forumers. Especially with the new iTrader system, here on powerbot.

I shall be posting a guide shortly on setting up a business for runescape soon.